Divar posts dataset

About the dataset

The dataset contains 947635 posts that were published in Divar classified ads platform. These posts were published and archived before 2017. Distribution of these posts in different groups does not resemble the actual distributions.
The dataset contains posts from six major categories in Divar:

  • Vehicles
  • Electronic devices
  • Businesses
  • For the home
  • Personal
  • Leisure & Hobbies


This dataset is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 License.


Column Name Definition Example
id Unique id of the post 1246772
archive_by_user Whether the post was archived by user or automatically by the system True/False
published_at Weekday and hour the post was published Saturday 07PM
cat1 First level category of the post vehicles
cat2 Second level category of the post (can be empty) cars
cat3 Third level category of the post (can be empty) light
city Name of the city the ad was published in Mashhad
title Title of the post. All phone numbers are replaced by the $NUM token. پراید هاچ بک مدل 79
desc Description of the post. All phone numbers are replaced by the $NUM token. پراید هاچ بک کره ای مدل 79-دست پایین رنگ -موتوریت سالم-بیمه تا برج نه-تخفیف بیمه ندارد-دارای یک میلیون و صد تومان سیستم صوتی ک در صورت نخواستن باز میشود-لاستیکها نو صد در صد-زنون دار ...
price Price of the post in Iranian Toman. -1 means the price was determined by agreement 9800000
image_count Number of images for the post 5
platform The platform the post was submitted from (mobile or web) mobile/web
mileage (Only for light vehicles) the mileage of the vehicle posted in kilometers. 200000
brand (Only for light vehicles and electronic devices) english and persian name of the brand separated with ::(two colons) پراید هاچ‌بک::Pride
year (Only for light vehicles) production year of the vehicle in Iranian calendar. Can be the special value of <1366 which means older than year 1366. 1379
type (Only for clothing) boys/girls for children clothing and men/women for adult clothing men